Monday, February 18, 2008

I Know What You Did......

I signed up for this really super cool service called Google Analytics, because,

1. It's Free
2. I really needed to know if anyone was reading my darn blog

As it turns out, people are reading. Yay people!

On the other hand, I suppose that means I must offer more engaging content as you blog lurkers don't like to leave me comments! Don't you know that praise is the most human of human needs? Tell me how funny I am, or am not, how adorable my little munchkin is or how my deep seeded fears of the government weave their ways into my daily life and I need to stop thinking everything is a consipiricy.

Or not, I know you have been here thanks to Google. I may not know your name, or where you live, but I know you have visited and I suppose that is enough.

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