Sunday, February 10, 2008

Tastefully Simple

One of my co-workers is also a Tastefully Simple consultant. I had never heard of Tastefully Simple, but was coerced into having a party. I was pleasantly suprised at the number of guests who attended (7) and with the food. I am a made from scratch girl myself, but if you (a) are not a good cook (b) don't have time to cook or (c) just like new things, you should have a party of your very own. The spices and sauces are very flavorful and have adorable names such as Garlic Garlic and Onion Onion (which for the record, are both very fitting as the amount of Garlic (and onion)in the dip mix could keep the vampires away for months)Of course, Dan won't even get near me to for a kiss right now, so it is also effective at keeping away over zealous husbands. If you happen to have one of those.

Dan, Emma and I were left with dips and desserts galore, which would have been great had this been Superbowl weekend. But, it wasn't, so now to the trash they go. I hate to waste food, but I just don't normally eat that kind of stuff on a regular basis.

Did I mention the killer garlic breath? Yes, I can't seem to eliminate the tast from my mouth these three hours later. Parsley I hear is a good cure.

Maybe I will make a quick run to the grocery store.

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