Monday, June 2, 2008

Emma's Fancy B*&% Hole

Family laCarter had a wonderful day at the beach yesterday. One of the benefits of living in a city named Virginia Beach is that there actually is a beach close by and we can go whenever we want, on a whim even, which is what we did yesterday.

Emma loves to play in the sand, and one of her favorite things to do is dig a little hole, plant her hiney in it and cover herself up with sand. Imagine my surprise when she announced happily, and quite loudly, "Look at my fancy B*&^ hole!"

You see, I understood, she meant look at the hole, which is fancy, and to which she placed her hiney in. It made perfect sense to my innocent four-year old that this sandy hole should indeed be deemed a butt........hole.

To the beach goers nearby however, all they knew is that there was a child, saying dirty things and her parents were laughing at her.

Makes you think twice about giving a parent dirty looks when you overhear a conversation to which you are not privy to don't it!

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