Tuesday, December 9, 2008

It's Mel!

Posting about home yesterday made me realize just how much I miss it. Not only home, but the people that live there too. My most favorite person in Reno would without a doubt be Melissa, or Mel to those who know her best. Talk about kindred. I think she took my place with my mom when I left Reno, I would even venture to say that my mom forgot that she had a daughter named Lisa. Something you should know is that everything clever I have ever said, or any catch phrase that I use on a regular basis was stolen directly from the lips of Mel. She is so fantastically gifted in the area of humor and wit, it's just easier to not compete and simply steal the words. Also, something you should know, is that whenever Mel is around, there is never a shortage of cleavage. What? It's important. Cleavage is sadly overlooked these days.

I love Mel, and I would like to take this opportunity to say that I would love Mel more if she would get a blog of her very own so that I can steal her words shamelessly and use them as my own, I kid, I would give her full credit, at the very bottom of the post, in really small font, like .07.

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