Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I have a confession. The title of this blog does have the word "confessions" in it after all. I'm fluffy. Not fat, or overweight or even puffy. I am just a fluffy girl. I haven't always been fluffy, I go through phases. Phase one is firm, continuing down the line are semi-firm, semi-soft, soft, fluffy, and fluffiest. I am not in my fluffiest phase by far. That occurred while I was pregnant five years ago, and unless I am with child once more, I had better not ever see fluffiest ever again. I am currently just fluffy. Why do I make this confession to you? Because I would like to attain firmness once more. That is why Wednesday is now "Weight Loss Wednesday". I chose that name for its alliterative qualities. I suppose I could have gone with "Fluffy Friday", which would have been cuter but eventually, I'll have to change it to "Toned Tuesday" not so cute.

I felt compelled to share with you because I know you will keep me accountable by asking me how much weight I've lost, or how much weight do I need to lose, or by clutching your heart in horror and saying "I can't believe you have to lose that much weight, I had no idea you were a big "fluffy" cow of a woman!". I prefer the latter of those comments due to the bluntness as I have found it best not to sugarcoat the situation.

So henceforth (a word not used often enough in modern society), I will be confessing to you about my fluffy ass. But only on Wednesdays, I thought that to be most courteous of me.

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