Friday, May 22, 2009

Chemisty of Love

Have you ever seen War of the Roses? Mrs. Rose says to Mr. Rose "When I watch you eat, when I see you asleep, when I look at you lately, I just want to smash your face in." This exchange comes after Mr. Rose comes home from the hospital after what he thinks is a fatal heart attack, but is actually a hernia caused by Mrs. Rose squeezing him too tightly between her legs in an effort to thwart lovemaking. I have a deep affection for that movie.

I have pondered many times the institution of marriage and the biology of love. What brings two people together creating a bond that lasts a lifetime? I have seen people who even after many years, still make one another deliriously happy and like the movie, I have seen couples fall apart over nothing more than little annoyances that build up over time.

What chemistry allows for forgiveness, unconditional love, affection and happiness? Do you have this chemistry with your partner?

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