Friday, June 12, 2009

On Humanity

Do you know the difference between right and wrong? What shaped your moral countenance? Was it religion? Was it parenting? Was it self-reliance and common sense? Do you even have a sense of what is inherently right or wrong? Or do you base your morality on personal opinion? These are all questions that have been taking a three hour tour in my head lately. Of course, these questions lead to others, like, what is happiness and why is happiness so vastly different for each individual person on this planet? Doesn’t it make sense that the human race needs to work toward a common goal and harmony instead of choosing sides in selfish pursuits of happiness? Shouldn’t self expression be based in creating what is beautiful to you and you alone and not what will sell the most units or cause the most controversy? Do you know what’s right? Being good to one another, without judgment. Living providently, without the need for more than you need. Understanding that life is cyclical beginning with birth and ending with death. There isn’t a single human who doesn’t share in that cycle.

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