Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Bookstore

This afternoon, I went to bookstore. I like to peruse the bargain aisles. I was in a crafting mood, looking in particular for crafting books. Today was not a serious literature kind of day. This is what I bought:

1. Japanese Design Journal - just a journal with a cherry blossom themed cover. I like to hand write things for Emma so that when she is older she can reflect on the person her mother was, my hopes for her, things I would like her to know and all that mushy mommy stuff. I think there is no better way to feel connected to family than to see their handwriting telling their stories. Sometimes, I copy those things here on la blog so you can see them too.

2. Crafts for Baby - a book filled with cute things to make for baby. Mostly so I can sell them.

3. Healthy Meals for Babies and Toddlers - because we are thinking about having another baby and I would like to avoid the McDonald's trap.

4. Sew Easy - The Essential Guide to Getting Started - I have been thinking about offering sewing classes to the masses. I needed a starting point for building a curriculum. Since I am not a beginning seamstress, I felt I would take for granted the essentials that come second nature to me. This book will help me focus on what a beginning class should focus on. Would you like to attend my class? I was thinking about putting it on the fantastic and versatile Internet because I'm cool like that.

I spent $26.17, not bad. So there you have it. A shameful show of books really if you run with the cerebral pack. I should have picked up that copy of "The Road to Philisophical Understanding" as well.

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