Monday, August 31, 2009

Favorite Day

The first of the month is my favorite day. It doesn't matter which month, everything good always happens on the first. Like, the fact that I was born on the first of the month, or that my parent's wedding anniversary is on the first, as is mine for that matter. Or, that payday is usually on the first. Whose going to argue THAT as a good thing? I had desperately hoped that Emma would be born on the first, but she was stubborn and waited an extra 16 days. A prelude of things to come, that sassy little girl.

I am particularly fond of the first of the month lately, because a new play list goes up here. I don't know how to express how music makes me feel, all I know is that music inspires me, and Marilyn has an incredible talent for choosing the music that inspires me the most. I wonder what other wonderful suprises tomorrow will bring.

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