Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Jumping into the Deep End

Today, I had the opportunity to accompany Miss Emma to swim class. I watched from the sidelines, my little one paddling and kicking, taking instruction from her teacher. During the 50 minutes of class, I watched Emma nervously, unsure of her ability to be in the water without me by her side. Worried that I wasn't close enough to save her if something went wrong. Near the end of the class, the little swimmers walked in a neat line to the deep end. Emma jumped in, without hesitation, 12ft of water devouring her 3ft something frame. She wasn't afraid, completely sure of her ability to tackle the deep water and conquer it.

I am proud that I get to watch Emma tackle the deep end, of any water. Soon, she will start to accept guidance from adults other than her parents, form her own opinions and ideas, embrace her independence. I will be watching nervously from the sidelines, reminding myself that Dan and I encouraged her to be capable and confident, that she will make wise decisions, that she is prepared to swim in the deep end.

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