Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Signs, Signs, Everywhere the Signs

Do you believe in signs? That small, insignificant occurrences have a deeper meaning? Interesting observation today. But first, a little back story. I have 69 blogs on my blogroll. Through a series of random clicks, and, by no intent at all, more than half of those blogs are written by Mormons. Because of this strange occurance, I have a deep fascination with the Mormon religion. How organized they are, their devotion to family, but mostly, how much sense many of their principles make and are applicable to daily life. Live providently, be self sufficient, contribute to society, visit their website sometime, it's really quite amazing. Basic religious principles for sure, but the Mormon's really know how to package the deal. Oh for crimany sakes, put aside your religious ambiguity and just look at it as a guide book to life, no Jospeh Smith required. It's interesing stuff I tell you.

That said, about a month ago, one of my Mormon bloggies from North Carolina decided to move to Utah. Quite unexpectedly. One day they were living in NC and then the Spirit called and they moved. Then, the same thing happened with someone from Arizona, then Washington state. (Isn't that funny, how I say "Washington state" now that I live so close to D.C.? The seperation must be made. Random, I know. ) What I'm getting at is, what if this trend is universal? What if all my LDS buddies just up and move to Utah? Does this mean that the End of Days is near? The second coming? California is finally going to break off, flooding Nevada and creating ocean front property in Utah? I don't know, it's just strange and I am more than a little concerned.

At the same time, Edgar Cayce did say that Virginia Beach is a safe place, so maybe I'll stay put.

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