Thursday, November 5, 2009

Pooka Strikes Again!

Two Saturday's ago, I sat down at my sewing machine to whip up a little dress for Emma. The thread in my machine was a beautiful teal, however, I needed yellow. I dug through my sewing box to find the yellow, pulled out my bobbin and set the bobbin holder to the side of my machine. I wound the yellow bobbin and went to put it back in the holder, but it was gone. How strange. It was sitting right there, next to my machine, and then *poof* it was MIA. Please refer to the Pooka story. I believe in Pooka's I really really do. What I would like to know though, is where did that little devil put my bobbin holder? How am I supposed to have a handmade holiday without a fully functioning sewing machine? I have torn my room A-P-A-R-T! Please little Pooka devil, bring my thingie back.

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