Thursday, January 21, 2010

10 Things

10 random facts/habits/ whatever about Lisa:

1)  Despite being an overbearing, loudmouth know-it-all, educated, professional woman, I am, in actuality very old fashioned. I believe in family, taking care of my husband and children and would be extremely happy being Holly Homemaker.  

2) Girly things make me happy. Make-up, shoes, clothes, pretty hair, the whole she-bang.

3) I was the only girl in my neighborhood growing up. This led to my ability to capture snakes, scorpions and lizards. Decidedly un-girly. My mother also refused to buy me a dirt bike which led to jumping a wide handled-banana seat bike off ramps and broken bones. 

4) Major life events and exciting things for me take place on the 1st of the month. I was born on the 1st, married on the 1st, conceived my first child on the 1st, will most likely die on the 1st.

5) I am addicted to lip stuff. Chapstick, lipgoss, lipstick. You will never see me without some type of shimmery lip. It almost goes beyond addiction and into obsession. 

6)  I watch entirely too much T.V.

7) I own more than 75 workout tapes, a Total Gym, a treadmill, multiple hand weights, yoga mat, stability ball and tension bands, TIVO Fit channel shows, yet I eat fast food everyday. 

8) I love the changing of the seasons. The first days of spring, when the air smells fresh, the first warm days of summer by the pool, the first cool days of fall, crisp air and color changes, the first days of winter and the first snowfall. I reflect with each season change and get a sense of purpose. 

9) Reno, Nevada will always be the most perfect place in the world to be. 

10) I am very empathetic but not sympathetic.

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  1. You forgot one...

    11. She's an awesome friend!


    PS - I have an award for you. Come over and pick it up. :-)