Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Father's Day is Coming

This Sunday is Father's Day, in case you didn't already know that. I don't see how that is possible though, what with all the advertising that goes on. Why, this past Sunday included a newspaper filled with advertisments on what to get Dad for his day.

I like to do homemade things for our resident Daddy, Mr. Dan Dan. Daddy's first special day was documented with a little onsie that Miss Emma sported proudly. Now that Miss Emma is old enough, she will be doing these sweet and special things for Daddy all by herself!
One of the best resources I have found for fun stuffs to do around the house with the fam, is I subscribe to their newsletter and get the best ideas for crafting, cooking and all around good family fun.
I digress, the blog is about Daddy's, of which Dan Dan is a fantabulous one. I just know that Miss E has something special ready for his big day!

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