Saturday, November 24, 2007

Happy Happy Turkey Day (Late)

Happy Turkey Day. Late. I am always late, except when I am on time. I can never seem to get Christmas cards out on time, halloween costumes finished on time, last Easter's rabbit put away from the mantel (on time). I am however, always on time for work, which is a great thing or else I would be fired. That would leave a considerable amount of time for blogging though. I would be writing until your eyes turned blue from so much reading. (that is unless your eyes are already blue, then they would turn brown). Here are some things I am thankful for this year.

My beautiful daughter and fantastic husband.
My new, very well paying job
My hair, which is getting quite long and lovely
The blogging community, without whom, I would be lost
My ability to sew and be crafty
My husband's new lawn business, which he loves more than me, but makes him happier than the Navy
Did I mention my family?

Now that the Christmas shopping season has officially started, I will make a list for you of the things Dan, Emma and myself would like for the happy holiday we dedicate to the coming of God's only begotten son by purchasing ungodly amounts of things we don't need and going into hock for said items.

Emma would like:
Everything from the Toys R Us catalog.

Dan would like:
Everything from the Toys R Us catalog and a real "Big Boy" tractor.

Lisa would like:
World peace, pumpkin pie/eggnog flavored coffee creamer, the answer to the meaning of life and a new IPod docking station/alarm clock with battery back-up.

Seriously, does anyone even read this blog?

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