Friday, August 29, 2008

Vote for Lisa!

Am I a moron? Please tell me I am not a moron. I am just looking for a tad bit of encouragement here. My sensibilities have come into question, when last night, while watching the Democratic National Convention, I found myself excited, enthusiastic and, well, hopeful.

I am neither a Democrat or a Republican, or a Libertarian, or a librarian for that matter. I look at what I think is good and relevant in regards to improving the life which I lead and hope that others can take from my life the things that work for them. I am a little bit of a Socialist, Communist, Anarchist and perhaps a smidgeon Idealist. There is no set standard that I follow and my opinions change on a daily basis depending on what information is presented to me at any given time. Doesn’t that make the most sense? It’s called e-vo-lu-tion and it’s a tool in your survivability arsenal.

Things are broken in America, not only with the government itself, but with the general population who has lost the ability to take responsibility for themselves. What are the problems that concern you? How do we fix them? Are we just lumps on the log who sit around and think we can’t effect change? That perhaps things are outside of our control as individuals? I don’t want to incite a riot here, and I better step down from the soapbox before I fall, but I thought it important to say this, regardless of your political affiliation, the government is not whom you elect to Congress or who holds the title Commander-in-Chief, the government is me, you and everyone around us, the former are merely the enforcers and protectors of what we as a collective agree to. It’s not up to the government to be the creative or driving force behind change, it’s up to us.

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