Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Hello Fall, I Missed You

Oh Fall, how I have missed you. I was so heartbroken last year when you went away. But now you are back, like a sailor coming home from a long tour of duty at sea. Why must you go away for such long periods of time? I must admit, I saw some other seasons while you away. Winter was a little dry and humorless. There were some dark days and he always seemed to be a little short with me. I was often given the cold shoulder. I left my relationship with winter to be with spring, and while I was showered with flowers almost daily, I would often think of you in your jewely tones and peaceful demeanor. Spring left me for summer. Summer was much hotter than I could ever hope to be, wore skimpier clothing, provided the best treats and always smelled like strawberries. I couldn't compete.

My only solace was knowing that you would be coming home soon, you always do. My one true love, I forgive you, I know you are still a mama's boy and listen to her call, but do you think this year you could partake in the witness protection program and stay a while? That would be super fabulous!

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