Tuesday, September 16, 2008

How Cookies Led Me To God

One night, about a year ago, I was searching for some information on cookies. I was thinking about starting a cookie business making specialty cookies. I was researching recipes for these delectable little treats when Google lead me Oh Happy Day which in turn lead me to "The Nie Nie Dialogues". In my curiosity, I read a little bit about a woman and her family and found myself wanting to read more. I delved into the archives and got to know an amazing, fantastic, unbelievably remarkable family that extended beyond the girl whose blog I was reading. Not two days later, two young boys in white shirts and ties came to my door asking if they could talk to me about the Book of Mormon. I invited them back for dinner so they could discuss the Book of Mormon with myself, my husband and my then three year old daughter. They came by, every Wednesday for a month eventually introducing me to some ladies from The Relief Society. I made fast friends with these ladies who treated me as if we had known each other all our lives. I attended Church and was amazed at the bond that seemed to be formed between these people and God. I wasn't exactly sure what had come in to my life, but I was excited about it and ready to explore it with an open mind and heart.

When I shared with my mother my newfound joy, my mood was immediately deflated when she said, "If you become a Mormon, I will disown you!" The words were said with such vehemence and hatred. I knew she was not joking. My family apparently has a long history with the Mormon religion that has not always been a positive relationship. We had never attended church as a family, God had never been a part of our daily lives. I had a small children's bible where I learned about Adam and Eve, Moses, Noah etc. They were just stories to me and we never prayed or said blessings over anything.

Over the next few months, I stayed involved in the Church. I was still excited about my new "family" and eager to learn more about this sect of people who essentially lived their religion as opposed to attending worship once a week and the occasional church sponsored activity. I opened up a door of communication with my mother regarding the religion. It was then, at this time in my life, she told me of the deep ties my family history has with Mormonism. Back to my great grandfather. She disassociated herself from the Church before I was born, for reasons only she could explain or know, only to marry a man who was a member of the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. My parents were never active members in that church, however, my stepfather's family also had very early ties to the Mormon history. My mother and I had long theological conversations about the Bible, God and religions in general and I learned a great deal about my genealogy and history that I may have never known were the words of the Book of Mormon not brought to my doorstep.

I still struggle with knowing God, it's hard to blow off thirty three years of conditioning, but there are facets of my life that have improved from the direct impact the Church has had on my life. I think that I am willing to explore things that the Church has to offer and to allow Emma the opportunity to learn and grow within the Church as well as though the knowledge that I have to offer.

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