Friday, September 12, 2008

To Church We Go

Deciding to go to church is something that I have struggled with since having Emma. Since I was not raised with any type of religion, my views on God and the bible have always been based on my own research and analysis. It was with great suprise to both myself and my husband, when last year at about this time, I decided to let two Mormon missionaries come over for dinner.

They came, they ate, they talked. We listened. I visited the church, made a few friends, attended a few functions and decided that I couldn't get into the groove of this "church thing".

Over the next year, a series of seemingly unrelated events has led me back to the church, and while I may never fully believe the things they believe in, the foundation that they offer to my family and most importantly, to my daughter, can't be denied.

I have heard many opinions regarding the Mormon church, some good, some bad, some just crazy, but I tell you this as someone who does not believe in God or Jesus, there are values to be learned within the Church that you will not find in any other religion.

This is why, next week, I will spend the entire week telling you my story and how I arrived to this place.

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