Sunday, October 5, 2008

There Can Only Be One Original

Listen, I don't who this chiclet thinks she is, but I am the original LC. Okay. I don't want it to come to fisticuffs, but I think it only right that she cease and desist, I mean, I have like eleven years on her, of course, I wasn't born an LC, I was born an LA. I also did not become an LC until five years ago, but still, all I'm sayin' is that due to seniority, I have the right to the moniker LC. Can you believe that not only has this child stolen my AKA, she has also stolen my birth date. That's right, we share the most fantastic of all birth dates, the first of February. Now, I can say with utter superiority, I
had that one first. Of course, Lisa Marie Presley, whom I also happen to share a name with, was born on the first of February, is this getting confusing? Also, I would like to make note of the similarities between myself and miss Presley. Eerie. What I am really saying here is that I am the original, no matter how you look at because I am La Carter (LC) and I trump all you b*(^&#s!

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