Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Wednesday Night Standing Date

When the writers decided to take their creative little hineys to the picket lines last year, I could care less. When new shows starting popping up taking the place of those whose scripts were screened by focus groups of mental institution rejects, I was enthralled. My favorite of the perhaps never to be seen TV if it weren't for greedy writers who wanted their piece of the pie? Pushing Daisies. Perhaps the most clever, stylish show to ever grace the small screen. The writing is by far the most witty since Dawson's Creek's teenagers weaved angst ridden situations with dialogue keen enough for any college English professor.

The retro stylings that range from clothing to set are right up my alley I tell you, and if I thought I could get away with dressing in a yellow full skirted frock complete with matching hair bow on a regular basis, well, I would.

I heart you Pushing Daisies, you can come over any time!

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