Friday, December 5, 2008

Love Notes on a Wipe Board

So, a few days ago, my husband left me the cutest notes on our little wipe board that resides on the front door. By the way, I like having a little wipe board to write on/read before I head out the door, it takes the place of little stickies on the mirror so well. I really like that Dan leaves cute, funny and inspiring things on our little wipe board. I really, really do.

As I was leaving the house, our little board said, "I love my family". I thought to myself, I should take a picture and blog about that. Then, when I got home, the board said, "Hello My Love, something something something." No, it did not exactly something, something, something, but I can't remember exactly what it said, because my brain is fast making room for new things that must be remembered so I forgot okay. Sheesh. Anywho, the note was cute and I was definitely going to take a picture and blog about it, which I mentioned to Dan.

Later that evening, after giving Emma a bath, I came downstairs to find a note that said "No Photos Please". Dan had erased his lovely note and replaced it . Do you know why? Because you can't be a manly man if your love notes are posted on the Internet for the world to see. Or so he thinks. I can still write about it though, and to be honest, doesn't that make for a more manly man anyway? One who can profess love AND fix things?

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