Saturday, February 28, 2009

Catch Up!

A mama tomato, a daddy tomato and a baby tomato are walking. The baby falls behind. The daddy tomato goes back, squishes the baby and says "Catch up!"

Ha ha, very funny. Thank you Pulp Fiction for bringing that joke into my life.

I am playing catch up though. D&E are visiting Grandma up North. Dan's mom Grandma, not to be confused with my mom, Grandma fa fa away. I thought I could clean the house, get some sewing done, even watch a movie that I know Dan has no interest in seeing. Alas, these things did not come to pass. Instead, I went to work. At work. For 8 whole hours. On a Saturday. And now. I blog. Priorities you know.

Here are some new pictures of Emma. Why? Because I am a bad daughter(in-law) and never mail photos to the respective Grandma's. Did I mention that I worked, on a Saturday? Who has time to send pictures? Although, Walgreen's certainly has the right idea. Maybe I will upload said photos and send them to the nearest Walgreen's for pick up. What do you think Grandma(s)? Please post your reply in the comments section of this blog. Welcome to the new millennium. Conversation via comments.

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