Thursday, February 19, 2009

Obsessed with the Mormons

I think it is commonly known that I am obsessed with the Mormons. I can tell you exactly why I am obsessed with their faith, however, I can also tell you I don't believe a lick of what their gospel is based upon. I have a very hard time coming to terms with The Book of Mormon and accepting it as true. But, if I could base an entire lifestyle on the principles that are taught in that church I would do it in a heartbeat. One day, you should visit the LDS website and see the incredible community that has been built on this faith. Family, accountability, responsibility.

I struggle everyday with how I can raise Emma to have the values I see within the chruch teachings. I find myself frequenting the church website, taking their ideals and teaching resources trying to think of a way to implement them into our daily lives.

Many people have said to me that church is church and that all churches preach and teach the same. I have to disagree. The biggest difference I see is the accountability to each and every action that the Mormon's have. Making family first, responsibility to finances, health and planning, I mean honestly. They have a system that really should be a guidebook to life.

So, how do I make the doctorines a part of my life without becoming a part of the church itself? I think it's important for Emma to have a community to look to for love and support outside of her home.

What to do?

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