Thursday, April 23, 2009

Miss-understood California

I have been perplexed by the media coverage that Miss California received after her supposedly blundered answer to the now famous interview question posed by Perez Hilton.

Let me give my two cents. First, picture this. Random judge asks random contestant the following interview question, "Miss All American, do you believe in God? Why or why not?" Of course, Miss All American would say that she believes in God. It would be quite the controversy if she stated that no, she did not believe in God and gave an intelligent answer as to why. Contrary to what they preach, I don't think Miss USA is keen on intelligence. According to Perez Hilton, the correct answer would be something along the lines of, "There are so many religions in this country, with so many different versions of God and I accept all gospels to be true because I am Miss All American and want make sure that I am the embodiment of the peoples in this great land."

My thoughts? Miss USA is a dumb scholarship program given to beautiful young women based mostly on how tight their ass is in a bikini. They usually have a platform that brings awareness about something or other and being crowned gives them the opportunity to get that message out to a large number of people. Regardless of what your personal belief is on gay marriage, was the question really a relevant one? How far would a contestant get if her platform was gay marriage rights? What if she herself was gay? Does Miss USA even allow that?

Marriage was traditionally vows taken before God, to love, honor, the whole nine yards. In today's society, marriage is a matter of the state to be taxed and levied. Would the issue even be at hand if it weren't? And where exactly is the separation of church and state on the whole issue? Why is it up to the government who is allowed to marry whom? Shouldn't it be up to the church? A whole new faith comprised of the gay and lesbian community where they could live happily ever after in wedded bliss.

The point is this, was Miss California politically correct in her answer. No. Was she honest? Yes. Did it cost her the crown? I don't think so. And who really cares anyway? Aren't there greater issues at hand?

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