Monday, April 20, 2009

Moving Party

My new blog space looks very empty, as if I have just recently hopped this blog train. I don't like it. I think its important for new arrivals to know I have a history, to be able to delve deep into my archives if they so desire. Sometimes, I like to delve deep into my own archives to help me remember who I am. I forget sometimes.

I wonder if there is a way to export all my musings from Myspace.


  1. "I wonder if there is a way to export all my musings from Myspace."

    All 7 of them?

  2. Shut up - there's like three years of crap yo.

  3. Yo, all three years, one by one, cut and pasted with a loving touch. Gently and slowly at first than harder and faster until the universe swirls into a bottomless black hole of orgasmic ecstasy. Lord, does anybody have a cigarette?

    Heavens to murgatroid...I gotta download another blog app? Join yet another "buddy" system where my wiser friends fear to tread? If you were not so damned twisted at times I would stay in my shell and never sully forth again, Lisa-with-a-brain-cuter-than-mine!

    Yet, as a moth to his flaming doom, I shall follow you to the ends of the Internet and back for another look at your llama!