Saturday, May 9, 2009

Happiness in the Air

It's one of those rare almost summer nights when the air is thick with heat but the blowing wind takes the edge off. I would like to open the windows and let the air fill the house, but Dan would hate that. He is a polar bear and our thermostat is consistently set to a frigid 72 degrees. I sat on the front porch for a long while, taking deep gulps of humid air, listening to the sounds of crickets and leaves rustling. I pondered many things, like, moving home to Reno, having another child and finding my purpose in life. None of those things are on the agenda any time soon.

Last night, after dinner, we took a drive to the local ice creamery, ordered giant scoops of frozen goodness and sat outside. It felt like an unforced family moment and I was happy. I wish everyday could end like that.


  1. It was a beautiful day.

    Happy Mother's Day (a day early...) :-)

  2. That is EXACTLY how I ended that very same Saturday! Took my growing family to the "Skinny Dip" and over indulged in sugary confections, rolled outside, gulped in the hot air, and in a complete sugar daze drove back home. It was quite grand. The only thing missing were the fire flies. :o)

  3. A Kreative Blogger Award has been bestowed upon you on my blog. Please mosey on over and pick it up. Your blog makes me tilt my head and view things in a whole new light! :o)