Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A Pound of Butter, No More No Less

Did you know, that one pound of fat equals four sticks of butter? With this new found information, I have decided that I will no longer refer to my weight loss in pounds, rather, I will measure in units of butter. There are two reasons why I like this idea. First, it sounds like I lost more weight. Mindtrick. That way, when I only lose one pound, I can refer to it as four sticks, making my weight loss seem grander, in my head. Second, visually, four sticks of butter is a lot of butter. Imagine if I really worked my ass off and lost 10 pounds in one week, Biggest Loser style, that's 40 sticks of butter. That's a lot of damn butter. Imagine eating that many sticks of butter, imagine carrying that butter from place to place. Imagine that butter glued to your body, because that's what it looks like, on you, right now. If you happen to be in the same state of fluffiness that I currently reside in that is.

So currently, I have lost 20 sticks of butter. Oh man, I love how that sounds.

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