Thursday, July 16, 2009


I believe:

That people should go to premarriage counseling before they get married.

That a wedding does not equal marriage and people should know that.

When you have children, you are committed to putting yourself second.

Men should lay off the porn, sheesh.

"I can fly...I believe I can touch the sky...."

A sixteen year old should not be pregnant.

The schools should leave moral education up to the parents.

Everyone should grow a garden. Fresh basil is awesome.

My daughter is the smartest girl in the whole wide world.

The majority of our population is too dependant on our government to make decisions.

More people should be involved in their own lives.


  1. Great blog! I agree with all that you believe, especially about a 16 year old getting pregnant, I was one and I should not have been.

  2. And your opinion matters! I like what you have to say. I must dispute the daughter statement as I know my daughters are truly the smartest in the whole wide world (grin)!
    I do not have a garden but by golly I DO have Basil growing. How about that?
    Men should lay off porn but if they want to watch it with me then that's ok.
    Darn, that last one is good. Sometimes I think I am sleepwalking through my own life...