Monday, August 17, 2009

My Brother's Uncle's Mother's Dog

Six degrees of separation. It used to be hard for me to imagine that we are only separated by every other person by only six others. Now, with Facebook, Twitter, blogging, it's not so hard to believe. I am consistently amazed at how interconnected we all are.

The very first blog I ever read was John Mayer's, on Myspace. It makes me laugh to think back to reading his post. He was clever, and normal. Just another guy, writing some funny things. Click here to read my introduction to the blogging world. I followed suit with my very own tribute to narcissism. You can read here if you like. I soon started reading many other blogs, it was fun. Brain voyeurism. I liked reading what other people were thinking. After a year long foray into Myspace, I discovered blogger. Oh man oh man. Blogger was the place to be. In the past three years, I have read to most amazing opinions, stories and formed a bond with people I have never met. It's unbelievable. As a matter of fact, if you are reading this post via Facebook Notes, you can click on "View Original Post" and it will take you directly to my little place on the Internet in it's blinged out glory.

To the left are links to all the most fantabulous bloggers I know. Or read anyway. My favorite this week, and really, every week is Passionista. Believe me when I tell you, if music moves you, then you should listen to her handpicked play lists every month. I do. Passionista has a knack for picking music that is so much more than music. I had the honor of obtaining two play lists in real CD form last year, sent directly from the source and then luck of all luck, I won the August giveaway and received my real life CD in the mail on Saturday. Chock full of singers and standards. You can listen to the play list by simply visiting her blog, but I own the music baby.

So now here we are, full circle, music brought me to blogging and now I am blogging about music. Strange.

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