Monday, November 2, 2009

Just Being

Yesterday, started with Emma’s neck bright red and bumpy in the distinct outline of a necklace she had worn for Halloween the night before. Thank you cheap costume jewelry for reminding me that my girl and I are only meant to be showered with jewels in the form of nickel free and stainless steel. One oatmeal bath and 1% cortisone application later, we were settling in for a lazy Sunday when Emma’s friend Brandy came a knockin’. Brandy is our neighbor daughter (daughter by proxy if you will) who lives three doors down and across the street. Her and Emma can play for hours on end, and usually do.

With Emma occupied and distracted from her itchy neck, I set to work cleaning the pantry.
It’s an obsession. I also managed to clean the downstairs bathroom and start a mean enchilada sauce for dinner. Chicken and cheese wrapped up in tortilla deliciousness, smothered in spicy cilantro red sauce, I think that’s pretty awesome. (So does Dan)

It was rainy and cold outside, but we were cozy and warm on the inside doing the things that families do, content to just be.

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