Monday, June 18, 2007

Emma Gets a Bike

Because we don't do things the normal way in our family, Emma got her first bicycle on Saturday. I asked Dan Dan why we didn't wait until Christmas and his reply was "It's so far away!" This is what happens when you have a big kid in the family. The art of patience is lost.

Emma was very excited to have Daddy put her bike together, complete with horn and bell. Emma nearly burst with excitement to ride her bike! After gearing up with elbow pads, knee pads and helmet, we were ready to roll.

Emma hopped on the bike and Daddy pushed her along when all of a sudden she pedaled backwards and screeeech, came to a stop. She can't figure out how to pedal forward and everytime she pedals backwards she stops. Needless to say, she got frustrated and our bike riding adventure was over.

An hour of aniticipation from store to home, 20 minutes putting bike together, 2 minutes of bike riding and we were done.

I cherish these times.

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