Thursday, June 21, 2007

Our Friend Roomba

Once upon a time, I told you I was a technology junkie. I have come to discover, that my husband is certainly more of a tech junkie than I. Three weeks ago, my husband came home with this

It's a Roomba, you know, those automatic vaccume cleaners. You set it on a schedule and then it just goes around the house vaccuming up stuff. I was a little skeptical until I saw that gross stuff it picked up. Emma even refers to it as "Our friend Roomba".

I was so impressed by this feat of technology, going on and on about it to friends, family, anyone that would listen, that last week, my husband brought home this

A Scooba. It is the wet version of the Roomba. It scrubs its way through kitchens and bathrooms leaving behind an ever so pleasant clean smell.

Listen, I work full time and have a toddler! Vaccuming everyday is not always an option!
This is so very awesome. I can't believe I am this lazy.

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