Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Ramblings and Nostalgia

Every once in a while, I get extremely nostalgic for home. This is one of those whiles. Tomorrow is 4th of July and we have no plans. Dan is mowing lawns (on a holiday, WTH?) I am sitting with Emma, who will most likely not want to do whatever it is that I have planned for our day home together. It's just sad really. I would love to sit outside with Emma and do crafty things like finger paint or make little wet footprints on the hot sidewalk. I would really love it if she would make up some imaginative stuffs to do and bring me into her little world. It just doesn't work that way. Emma just does what she wants to do, when she wants to do it and doesn't like to take instruction. I have no idea who she got THAT from.

Were I home, in the wonderful world of Reno, I would certainly be spending the day with my bestes friend Jason and his lovely wife Susan. We would sit on their backyard deck recounting holiday's past when he lived close to Rancho San Rafael and we could watch the fireworks explosion from his front yard, listen to his grandfather tell funny jokes and watch his crazy family dance around. There is also the possibility that I would be spending the day with my very own family, my crazy mama running ordering people around to set the table, get the corn off the stove, iron the napkins for heaven's sake. Yes, my mom is a little obsessive. I take after her in that way.

Usually, people get nostalgic around Christmas don't they? Not the Fourth of July. Not me, oh no, in the spirit of maintaining the rebellious attitude, I choose holidays like St. Patrick's Day and Halloween. My favorite of most favorite holidays!

Alright, so I am rambling without expressing anything of importance and not even in a very literary way. That is one talent I wish I had fo sho! It would be super fantastic if I could weave a wondrous tale of fantasy, drama, and comedy to keep my readers entertained.

I'll work on that. A list of other things I would like to work on:

1. Learning to take good photos
2. Become more creative and crafty
3. Losing weight (Always! Damn the pudge!)
4. Making more money
5. Sending regular correspondence to family and friends
6. Being a better mama
7. Why am I writing this list? I'm done now.

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